Happy World Vegan Day (and a pumpkin soup recepie)

Pumpkin soup

Happy World Vegan Day! It starts the World Vegan Month, a perfect time to critically look at our eating habits and their effects on our health, our fellow earthlings as well as the environment. I will be cooking a great, vegan pumpkin soup tonight. Here's the recepie if you'd like to join me:


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Cathrin Schauer: Kinder auf dem Strich

The problem with living in Germany and being a patron to the local library, and blogging in English is that I get to read really interesting books - which are available only in German. I usually then just leave them be and blog about something else, but recently I've read two books which I really want to write a review about. Maybe they will one day be translated, or you will get interested in the theme and find some books on the issues in English / your own language.


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Moss stitch Pencil Case for Sudan

For the KAL/CAL "Pencil Cases for Sudan" which the Ravelry Darfur Group is moderating I finally got my pencil case pattern done as well.


It's great to be able to participate alongside with other generous and talented designers like Wendy or Kieran - see the links to their patterns on the right side navigation bar!


You can get the .pdf version of my pattern here, plus it can be seen here (press "Read more") as a blog entry (and the pattern is even attached here - you should find it!) I wish you all happy knitting and please let me know if you see any mistakes or unclarities in the pattern!


And: don't forget to submit your finished ones to the Flickr group!


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Friday 28.11. for Darfur

Another Friday, time to do another Darfur posting - I still have to do them, the bloody war is still going on, the President of Sudan is still on the loose.


This time I thought I'd link a site here in Germany, to any German readers I may have (please say hi at the comments!) Hilfe für Darfur is a humanitarian group which helps Darfurians with money and work. Currently they're working on a school project  - please read more at the site.


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Action alerts

As you know, I do not only knit and sell shirts, but also classify myself as an animal welfare activist. If anyone in my readership feels for animals as well, here's some quick actions for you:

First, the Irish fur farming scandal. No-one I know in Ireland wants to have the 6 fur farms that operate here, and thousands have signed a petition and it has been delivered to the Ministry of Agriculture. However, see what they respond in a letter:

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