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A quick hi and a hat

Lila hat

Oh my, I've had a long pause in blogging! There are two reasons for that mainly


1. I've been really really busy and
2. I haven't been knitting


You may not know it, but I play the theatre (not professionally but on a very high amateur level), and we had our opening night on the 17th of January. Before that, you can imagine, we had practice every other evening and after that I have been playing once or twice a weekend. I's been quite a lot to handle, and I am really happy to have a two week pause in playing now.


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Handdyed socks - last FO of 2016

Handdyed socks

Happy new year! I hope you had a good Christmas season and are read for the new year? I've been working hard on my Shining life workbooks and I am very ready for the new year! It is a year of big jubilees, like Finland's 100 years of independence celebration year plus several round birthdays in my family and I have high hopes for the year. I will be posting some plans here, too, I am sure.


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Sauna Socks are finished!

Sauna socks made with orange Novita Nalle yarn

Amazing, there is an FO ready in my house!


Celebration reasons:
1) I made a pair of socks, after such a pause, and they have a pattern even!
2) I am blogging about them!


It may not seem like much to anyone, but it does symbolize something to me, this FO and the fact that I am blogging about them. It means knitting is not completely lost to me, nor is knit blogging. I still want to create with my hands and share what I've done with like-minded people and maybe even be of some help for someone.


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Current sock projects

Simple socks with hand-dyed yarn
Sauna-sukat Novita Nalle

It has happened. I have gotten some knitting mojo back! It all started with a hat I made for Nick in replacement for one I ruined, and somehow it was quite fun. So I got back on Ravelry and started looking at some patterns and groups... and suddenly I had cast on a pair of socks! And I was knitting on the old pair I started waaay back in the spring, too! I'm delighted and hope this lasts, at least the winter.


Here are my current sock WIPs:


Basic socks with handdyed yarn


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How to Make a Bingo Crochet Bag

Millions of people love bingo due to its crossover appeal, and while knitting and bingo have never really been popular among young people, the popularity of the two recently seem to have gathered steam. Both have benefited from technology, where apps have transformed the age-old pastimes. Maybe it's a hipster thing but bingo and knitting seem to be very appealing among the younger demographic now.


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Order knitting shirts and get free delivery!

Knit and purrl hoodie

As you may know I habe two knitting shirt shops:


- http://worsted-knitt.spreadshirt.de for Europe and

- http://worsted-knitt.spreadshirt.com for the US


Well, through the 1st of December both shops have a free shipping code 2GIFTS if you order two or more products! It's the perfect chance to get a gift for a knitting friend, and yourself too :) I have t-shirts, longsleeves, hoodies and all kinds of bags and totes for sale.

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Four bright socks

Sunset socks
Lagoon socks

This is the promised finished knits post!

A while back I finished two pairs of very bright socks which I call the Sunset socks and the Lagoon socks. Here they are!

The Sunset socks are made with Opal Surprise! yarn (sadly discontinued) from my stash, the Lagoon socks are made with a funky yarn I received in a swap years ago! It was actually machine knit into a short scarf. The idea was that you could use it as a scarf or unravel it to get 100g of sock yarn. The scarf wasn't my style really so I of course frogged it.

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