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Edit: Wollkontor Erlangen doesn't sell fur anymore

EDIT 20.01.2010: I got an email from the owner, and the fur has been removed from the shop. As it turns out, the owner is a vegetarian herself, and answered my mail in a nice manner. I have no problem anymore with buying from Wollkontor Erlangen.


I've been a pleased customer of the German online yarn shop Wollkontor Erlangen - they have a really nice selection of yarns and their service is good.


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17 little mice


Greetings from the Mouse Factory!


Well, not quite, but I have been making lots of mice lately, as I was trying to get as many as possible done for Ompelukerho (a Finnish women's action group I am a member of) stand at the Christmas market. The market is today, and I hope they sell well! They did last year, anyway, and because these mice are smaller than the ones last year, they might even sell better (as last year's mice were more like rats...)


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Mittens for charity

Now I've had these done for a good while now, but haven't gotten round to posting them. I made a bunch of finbgerless mittens for my local animal shelter open doors day and fair.


They are knit using various yarns from my stash - the pink/white one is dyed by myself with Kool Aid! They're all knit on 4mm needles (except for the blue-green ones, which are smaller and knit on 3mms) and have the same simple thumb construction (a hole with live stitches which you then pick up).


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Happy World Vegan Day (and a pumpkin soup recepie)

Pumpkin soup

Happy World Vegan Day! It starts the World Vegan Month, a perfect time to critically look at our eating habits and their effects on our health, our fellow earthlings as well as the environment. I will be cooking a great, vegan pumpkin soup tonight. Here's the recepie if you'd like to join me:


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I am such a good person

I feel like a good person sometimes, especially when I've been working on my charity knitting. Last weekend I finished another pair of preemie socks (that makes 4 pairs altogehter) for the ongoing charity and some mice to be sold for the benefit of the local animal shelter "Tierheim Essen" They now just need to be felted and filled with a jingle bell and some stuffing.


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An ethical question

I had an interesting discussion with a collague today, he was telling me about a vegetarian couple he knows, and that their 5-year-old is also being raised vegetarian.

Then he went on to say that people (even this kid) should be able to decide what they eat. Apparently the parents deny this kid meat also during visits to granma's etc. My collague's main argument was that kids should't be denied this kind of thing, but let them decide themselves.


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