So, I actually knit even more mitts! I had promised Ompelukerho to knit some fingerless mitts for their Christmas sale too, so I did, even though I couldn't really see let alone make another mitten. But now they're done, and I really really will knit something else now!


They're all made with 3,5mm needles, and the black yarn is Novita Julia. The firts pair's effect yarn is G-B Marengo, in the other two it's Debbie Bliss's Maeino aran. They all used ca 30-40 grams of yarn. The 'pattern' is generic ribbing and stockinette. First twi pairs have 36 stitches all over, the last one is smaller with 32 stitches.


I'm very happy how they turned out, and plan to knit myself a pair too.


I'm also sending other things to Ompelukerho, like the felted mice. Now there were a pain in the bum - they're too big, weirdly felted, their eyes are wonky... but they're still cute, so I'll send them. Donna (the designer) was nice enough to let me make these for sale as long as her name is mentioned (which will be).


The mice are posing in the cat bed I presented a while back - it's going to Ompelukerho as well. Along with these, I'm also sending a hat and a scarf I made earlier this year.

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