I'm no vegan, but I do try to avoind buying new leather clothes or shoes - basically anything that requires killing the animal to make the product. That's not always easy, but once again I noticed it's not impossible.


I was looking for pretty, warm winter shoes without leather, and had looked at at leat 5 shops already (and slowly giving up hope) when I went (well, actually Nick suggested that I go there) to the local warehouse Galeria Kaufhof, and against all odds found some gorgeous shoes, not only one pair but many to choose from. I tried them all on, thought about it for a couple of days and went back to buy these beauties!


No leather, great size for my broad foot, warm, and prize only 40 euro! I've had them for a week now and really like them. The only problem is they're a bit big, so I wear them wilt woolen socks - but I guess that's no problem, I finally get some good use to all the thin handknit socks I've made for myself!

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