Current sock projects

Simple socks with hand-dyed yarn
Sauna-sukat Novita Nalle

It has happened. I have gotten some knitting mojo back! It all started with a hat I made for Nick in replacement for one I ruined, and somehow it was quite fun. So I got back on Ravelry and started looking at some patterns and groups... and suddenly I had cast on a pair of socks! And I was knitting on the old pair I started waaay back in the spring, too! I'm delighted and hope this lasts, at least the winter.


Here are my current sock WIPs:


Basic socks with handdyed yarn


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November WIPs

Charity Socks

Another WIP post! I love them, but do them way too seldom. Let's see what I have on the needles...


First, there's a suprise project for a swap I am taking part in! No photo or info about that!


Second there is a pair of socks, which I hope will soon become a FO, as they're supposed to be sold for charity (my local animal shelter) on the 12th November! This is only the first sock! It'll be ca. ladies size 37 or so: it's 60 stitches across on 2,5 mm needles. The yarn is German sock yarn donated to the animal shelter by some kind person.

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WIP Friday with Coraline and a Blue Shawl

Coraline WIP
Blue Shawl WIP

I always miss WIP Wednesdays, so here's my WIP Friday instead!


First my Coraline cardigan, which has actually progressed quite a lot since this photo. It just needs buttons now!


I'm making it with Novita Julia yarn, which is pretty much my staple yarn when it comes to bigger pieces of clothing - it's partly wool, partly acrylic and wears nicely.


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Getting on the WIP Wednesday train

Japanese shawl

Ever heard of WIP Wednesday? As far as I've understood the idea, it's basically a blog theme for Wednesdays to, well, show off your WIPs. I have been neglecting my WIPs here for so long, so I'll try to post a WIP or two a month - on Wednesdays!


So, here's one of my current WIPs, the Japanese Feather and Fan shawl (Rav link) which I am working in Kauni yarn in black and grey tones.


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WIP Parade

Froot Loop socks

I notice again and again that I hardly ever show WIPs on my blog. Is it because I find WIPs so difficult to photograph in a pretty way, or that I usually finish my small knits so quickly that I don't have the time to blog them while they're still WIPs, I don't know. But I do know I probably won't be finishing these in the next few days, so why not show them to you already.


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