Edit: Wollkontor Erlangen doesn't sell fur anymore

EDIT 20.01.2010: I got an email from the owner, and the fur has been removed from the shop. As it turns out, the owner is a vegetarian herself, and answered my mail in a nice manner. I have no problem anymore with buying from Wollkontor Erlangen.


I've been a pleased customer of the German online yarn shop Wollkontor Erlangen - they have a really nice selection of yarns and their service is good.


However, they've now introduced real finnraccoon fur accessories to their shop. I mean, what the ..? First of all, why sell fur in a yarn shop? Second of all, why finnraccoon (also known as raccoon dog)? It's the most criticised fur animal due to animal welfare problems, and it's farming has already been banned in many EU countries. Actually, only Finland, Poland and China are still farming it. EU has actually suggested that it's farming be stopped due to the conflict with animal welfare.


And third of all, why fur in general? It only represents pain, suffering and bad taste today, why would any self-respecting company want to have anything to do with fur?! I just don't get it.


One thing is clear - I certainly won't be buying anything from Wollkontor Erlangen before the fur is gone and the owner has answered my query email and promised never to sell fur again. I'm really sorry, because I really liked the shop, but I will not support nor tolerate animal cruelty! If you are a patron of the shop, I would strongly encourage you to do the same.

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