For the KAL/CAL "Pencil Cases for Sudan" which the Ravelry Darfur Group is moderating I finally got my pencil case pattern done as well.


It's great to be able to participate alongside with other generous and talented designers like Wendy or Kieran - see the links to their patterns on the right side navigation bar!


You can get the .pdf version of my pattern here, plus it can be seen here (press "Read more") as a blog entry (and the pattern is even attached here - you should find it!) I wish you all happy knitting and please let me know if you see any mistakes or unclarities in the pattern!


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Moss stitch Pencil Case for Sudan


This design was specially created for the benefit of HELPSudan International. See or the Ravelry Darfur Group for more information.


For other uses, I offer this pencil case pattern for no fee for your own personal use - you may not sell this pattern or the hats you knit using it (please ask me about other charities than Sudan).


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Size: approximately 22 cm x 10 cm (8,5” x 4”)

Gauge: 17 stitches and 30 rows per 4 inch area in moss stitch

Needles: 4 mm (US size 6) straight or circular needles (the case is knit flat), or size to attain gauge, a crochet hook, and a darning needle.

Yarn: DK or worsted yarn, ca. 40 grams (1,4 ounces) – one ball will be enough. I used Novita's 7Veljestä -wool blend yarn.


Note: you can use worsted or even bulky weight yarn knit tightly to achieve the gauge. This has the advantage of making a firm fabric, which is desirable for this design




K – knit

P – purl

Moss stitch – work every row *k1, p1* end with k1.

K2tog – knit two together

P2tog – purl two together

MB – make bobble-button: (purl to the front of the stitch, then knit through the back of the same stitch) twice, purl to the front of the same stitch once more – you have 5 bobble stitches. Turn work. Then (K1, p1) twice, k1, turn work. Work this ”5-stitch-row” twice more – you now have 4 ”rows” in the bobble. Now k1, p2tog, slip the previous stitch over the p2tog-stitch, k2tog, slip the previous stitch over the k2tog stitch – you have only one bobble stitch left. Now continue in moss stitch pattern.

Make loop – make the loop that will be used to close the pencil case: p1, move this stitch onto a crochet hook. Crochet 9 chain stitches, return the 9th stitch back on the left knitting needle, k2tog. Continue in moss stitch.




Cast on 35 stitches. Work in moss stitch for 5 cm (2 in), ending with wrong side row.


Next right side row work as the bobble row: work in moss stitch for 17 stitches, MB, continue in moss stitch the remaining 17 stitches. Continue as established in moss stitch for further 19 cm (7,5 in), end with a wrong side row.


Now work the right side row with the loop as follows: work in moss stitch for 17 stitches, make loop, continue in moss stitch as established to end.


Work one more row (a wrong side row) in moss stitch, then bind off in pattern (I used the k2tog method like this: k1, place the stitch back on the left needle, p it and the next stitch together, *slip the stitch back on the left needle again, k2tog, slip the stitch back, p2tog* to end.)


You now have a rectangle piece of fabric with one bobble and one loop on the same side. The piece should be ca. 24-25 cm (10 in) long. Now you need to sew the sides of the pencil case: fold the lower end of the fabric over itself, wrong sides facing each other, so that the bobble is facing you, and so that the folded fabric forms a pouch ca. 10 cm (4 in) long, and the remaining fabric forms a flap of ca 4-5 cm over the pouch. The work should resemble an envelope. Sew the side seams well, and you're done!


Modification suggestion: make the pencil case with two closures:


Work bobble row as follows: work in moss stitch for 10 stitches, MB, continue in moss stitch for 13 stitches, MB, work in moss stitch to end.

Work loop row as follows: work in moss stitch for 10 stitches, make loop, continue in moss stitch for 13 stitches, make loop, work in moss stitch to end.


You could also add stripes, or lining to the pencil case.


Original design by WorstedKnitt - All rights reserved.

This pattern was specifically created so that HELPSudan  may sell items made from it for profit. All other commercial use is prohibited.


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