Chubby Cat Hats

Chubby cat hats
Chubby cat hats
Chubby cat hats

I had a lot of bulky wool blend yarn at home, but nothing to knit with it. So I whipped up these Chubby Cat Hats to be donated to charity! Here's the pattern to them for you.


I offer this free hat knitting pattern for no fee for your own personal use - you may not sell this pattern or the hats you knit using it.


Please if you like this pattern do concider taking a look at the products I advertise here on my website and use my links for your Amazon & co purchases - it earns me a small fee to be able to cover the costs of running this blog!


Please contact me if you find any errors in this pattern.


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Small FOs from October

Adult booties
Preemie socks
Plastic bag holder

I've knit some small things last month and I thought I'd show them to you, as they came out nicely, I think!


First we have the Grown-up bootees. The pattern is by Ysolda Teague, and it's a part of the Whimsical Little Knits 1 collection. I've knit them with vintage superwash wool held double on 5mm needles. This pair fits me, so the size is ca. European 39. They took approximately 100 grams of yarn. I'll be making more as Christmas presents!


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Cathrin Schauer: Kinder auf dem Strich

The problem with living in Germany and being a patron to the local library, and blogging in English is that I get to read really interesting books - which are available only in German. I usually then just leave them be and blog about something else, but recently I've read two books which I really want to write a review about. Maybe they will one day be translated, or you will get interested in the theme and find some books on the issues in English / your own language.


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Baby socks

Sukkasato has started again, the Finnish 2-month sock KAL in which I also participated last year.


Like last year, I'll be making small socks for charity. Here's the first pair of preemie socks. Made on 4mm needles using 24 stitches around, the yarn is Hjerte Sock held double.


I have more pairs on the needles and will post them throughout the KAL. They are so sweet and quick!

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A bunch of preemie hats

I'm taking part in a crazy Finnish KAL called "Kesäyön hullutus", which translates to "summernight's folly"! The idea is to start a new project every day from the 1st June to the 20th of June, and finish all these projects by the end of July! I joined on the 6th, so I have a few less to do, but still... so therefore small projects are the best in this challenge!


I think preemie hats are the perfect small projects one can make. They're easy, quick and very useful (I'll be sending them to charity).


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Guess what? I'm making more socks.

What do you know, I'm making more socks. The Sukkasato KAL is still going on for a couple of weeks, and I'm trying my best to knit as many socks as I can for it.


I have one pair ready, again child size. I cast on 32 stitches with Lana Grossa Meilenweit held double, and made the foot with some Novita Julia mix blend yarn (but really soft!) My needles were 2,5-3,5mm, a mix of what I had free... I think I must have lost some needles somewhere!


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