I'm taking part in a crazy Finnish KAL called "Kesäyön hullutus", which translates to "summernight's folly"! The idea is to start a new project every day from the 1st June to the 20th of June, and finish all these projects by the end of July! I joined on the 6th, so I have a few less to do, but still... so therefore small projects are the best in this challenge!


I think preemie hats are the perfect small projects one can make. They're easy, quick and very useful (I'll be sending them to charity).


These hats were made with two kinds of sock yarn - the beige ones are 6-ply Regia and the white and blue-white are Hjerte sock 4-ply held double. I think I used 3,5mm needles for these all, and just basically thought of the pattern myself (except the blue-white one uses the stitch from Rinsessa-hat and the long beige one is mock cable; the form is a recommendation from the charity organisation Frühchenstricken, where I will be sending the hats at some point. The hats are cast on with different numbers, I think the smallest one is 52 stitches and the largest 72.

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