Knitting goals 2012 review - and no goals for 2013!

I did knit a shawl in 2012

Did you remember I set myself knitting goals in January 2012? Well, me neither..! I have to admit, I completely forgot all about these sometime during the first half year of 2012. But nonetheless I did make some progress though, just look:


So the plans were as follows:

  1. a poncho for my husband
  2. I did this! Photos to follow.

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The inherited stash Final Part

Yorn Boutique Alpaca

Phew! I'm almost through documenting all the yarns my friend gave me a week or so ago when she decided she's not going to knit anymore! Look at my previous posts to see it all. In this post I'll show the alpaca and angora yarns, plus the loot I am going to give my Mum.


First let me show you the five 20 gram balls of wine red alpaca yarn. It's not very soft actually but feels more like mohair. Not sure what I will be making with this yarn yet.


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Bamboo, soy & recycled t-shirts - yarn haul from Finland

All the yarns

I'm trying to knit down my stash, but sometimes new yarn is just absolutely necessary. Like this month, when I went to Lankamaailma with my Mum and my sister - the first visit there for all three of us.


Needless to say, we stayed for more than an hour and looked (and fondled) everything over and over again! My Mum and sister also got nice yarns, but this is my haul, let me give you the grand tour!


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I'm going cold sheep!

First of all sorry for not posting last week - I've been ill! I catched a very nasty cold that forced me to bed for several days, and it's still not quite gone, but I'm trying to take it easy and get well soon.


Anyway, I do have some news for you! First of all, you may notice that the site is now conciderably quicker to browse. I mean, it's really quick! That's because my DH Nick moved the site to a new server with more capacity yesterday. Thanks honey!


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New yarns from Finland

Novita yarns - Flip Flop
Novita yarns - Puro Batik

There's one annoying thing about Novita, the largest Finnish yarn brand: they change their selection very often! I read about the lovely new yarns on Ravelry or get a few balls from my sister to try them out. I plan to buy (more) of this yarn the next time I visit Finland. By the time I get to visit Finland, they've discontinued the yarn! The bad thing is that I then can't get the yarns or colourways I want. But the good thing is that if I do find the yarns, they'll be in the marked down bin!


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