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This summer's charity scarves

Stripey Scarf
Nalle Scarf
Woolen scarf & preemie blanket

I am still working on scarves for charity, using up my supply of single balls of wool (blends) and half balls left from other projects. I haven't made much progress this summer, but here are three. That's better than none, no?


The first one is made with local German sheep's wool (orange), Finnish wool (grey) and industrial made green vintage German yarn called Tiffany, which I used in a scarf I made in May, too.


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Knit a squillion squares for Africa: Join the challenge!

Yarns for charity squares
Yarns for charity squares

I was reading Minimalist Knitter's (aka Robyn's) site as I often do and came across her newest charity endeavour: participating in Knit a Squillion action by Knit a Square.


Their ambitious plan is to to send 1,2 million squares to South Africa by July 10, 2012.


I mean: wow. 1,2 million squares will make blankets for 36.000 children in need. I thought: I want to participate in this!

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Charity scarf pile is growing!


My charity knits are coming along slowly, but coming along anyway!


Here are two scarves I knit some time back - using up stash and looking forward to giving them to someone in need.


The left one is made with local sock yarn from Wollkontor Erlangen, some Finnish wool and an old yarn called Tiffany. It was knit in fisherman's rib with 4 mm needles, and it's about 1,70 long. I think it used about 200 grams of yarn!


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Why am I knitting woolen scarves in the springtime?

Charity scarves
Charity scarf

The weather is getting warmer, the Sun is shining, it's almost time to leave the jacket at home and go out in a t-shirt.


So why on Earth am I knitting heavy woolen scarves?


There are two reasons. First: they are for charity, and as I am way behind on my "knit 50 items for charity" resolution, I have to start somewhere, and I liked the idea of scarves.


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Reusing & using up yarn for warming scarves

Rustika scarves
Scrap scarf

Look at these pretty scarves! They're all made exclusively with reused yarn and scarps and half-balls from my stash.


Maybe you can recognize the purple yarn? I ripped my Hug shrug, which was finished in 2008 and after that was worn less than 10 times altogether. It's now been reworked into 1 1/2 scarves which I will be donating to the homeless people in Duisburg, a neighbour city where an active knitter has organised a collection for warm knits for the homeless this winter.


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I'm going cold sheep!

First of all sorry for not posting last week - I've been ill! I catched a very nasty cold that forced me to bed for several days, and it's still not quite gone, but I'm trying to take it easy and get well soon.


Anyway, I do have some news for you! First of all, you may notice that the site is now conciderably quicker to browse. I mean, it's really quick! That's because my DH Nick moved the site to a new server with more capacity yesterday. Thanks honey!


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I like my scarves simple and colourful

Stashbusting scarves
Stashbusting scarves

Once in a while my attention gets drawn to the misccellaneous bags in my stash closet, the ones with yarn ends and half balls, the leftover yarns from bigger projects and maybe a few full balls with yarn I don't really know what to do with. To be honest, my attention is actually drawn to the fact that the bags are packed if not overflowing. This is usually the time I take out the bags, take a look at the yarns inside and decide to start a stashbusting project.

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