Motivation is really a funny thing. Once something really gets you moving, there's no stopping it. If you have two motivators pushing you towards the same goal, you can accomplish anything.


Like 16 squares in a week.


That's right - since my last update on Saturday the 13th where I had 6 squares done for the Knit a Squillion challenge, I have started and finished 16 new squares! My total tally at this moment is therefore 22 squares - just three short of my commitment!


How on earth was that possible? I work full time, I've been going to the gym 4 times a week and even taken care of my ill husband (he had the cold) the past week. Haven't I slept, but knitted through the nights like a craft-obsessed Tyler Durden? Well, not quite.


First, let's say that I can finish a square in about 40 minutes. They are all made with bulky yarns or yarns held double on 6 mm needles. I cast on around 30 stitches, knit for a half an hour, bind off and tada - a square has emerged. No patterns, no difficult stitches, no thinking required. That allows me to whip up a square, two or three while watching a film on a weekday night, after work and gym.


Second of all, I thought I would get the cold on Saturday the 20th, too. I had a sore throat and muscle pain, so I decided to stay inside the whole day and watch films and knit. That's exactly what I did. I watched at least four films and knitted six squares during that one day (the first picture). Turns out I wasn't getting ill, I had just worked too hard at the gym (I just re-started going there after a loooong break) and mistook the pains I had for a cold. Phew!


So I've just been knitting simple knits, every night and one full day, as the challenge has truly motivated me. As I knit, I think of the little orphans who now have to sleep on linoleum floors without matresses or anything warm under them, not to mention something to cover them. It makes my heart go out to these young people I will never meet, and my fingers knit even quicker.


This project has also given me the possibility to achieve my 50 charity knits in 2011 -goal, as well as the get my stash under 5 kilos in 2011 -goal, both which seemed unattainable just a few weeks ago.


But this past week I've knitted nearly a kilogram worth of yarn, and finished 16 items for charity. I mean, my stash is still at over 8 kilos, but if I can make such progress in one week, it must be possible to knit 3 kilos in three and a half months! Plus my charity knits tally is now 26. More than half! I might be able to make it! That's a lovely feeling - feeling happy about what you've accomplished and anticipation towards a challenging albeit an attainable goal.


Have you been making any progress? Please share your squares in the comments or on my Facebook page!


PS: I've also updated my 2011 charity list with these squares!

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