I did knit a shawl in 2012

Did you remember I set myself knitting goals in January 2012? Well, me neither..! I have to admit, I completely forgot all about these sometime during the first half year of 2012. But nonetheless I did make some progress though, just look:


So the plans were as follows:

  1. a poncho for my husband
  2. I did this! Photos to follow.

  3. 101 balls from stash
  4. I lost track (ok, I forgot to keep tracking) at around 50... I think I might have knitted 80 balls or so.

  5. real gloves
  6. This didn't happen

  7. 30 things for charity
  8. This did!

  9. a tie
  10. Nope.


Participate in the Finnish stash knit KAL actively...
No, I forgot all about this!


Get stash down to 6 kg and keep it there
Well, my Ravelry tracking shows 6,3 kilos at the moment. It's not 100 accurate, but I think I am getting there with my stash!


I think even if I didn't remember these goals daily in 2012, I still got a few things done and effectively reduced my stash, too.


But I have learned my lesson - I will keep at least one year off from making knitting resolutions. So my only knitting goal for 2013 will be to have fun with it and enjoy knitting more!


Did you make any knitting resolutions or goals for 2013?

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