I'm just back from a week's vacation in Finland, my native, or home country. I loved seeing my family again and seeing the Finnish spring after many years of visiting only in the winter or summer. I really wish I could have stayed longer, but as it's not possible, I'm trying to ease my sorrow with Finnish yarns.


Just take a look at these beauties! While in Finland, I received a swap package from "Maja" from the Finnish Sunny Funny Swap - the package was supposed to be sunny and a bit silly, and exactly that describes this package. There was some Finnish workhorse yarn (7 Veljestä, dk wool blend) in bright yellow and some thin Pirkkalanka in a beautiful red tone. I also got a gorgeous handmade project bag in yellow, a green tea soap, dpn holders (a very innovative construction with wood!) a fridge magnet and some chocolates (some are already missing from the picture...) and some serpentine colourful paper ribbon to decorate for a May Day party!


What a gorgeous package, thanks very much whoever you may be!


The funny thing is that I bought the exact same 7 Veljestä yellow yarn a few days before! See, I can't go to Finland without buying a few yarns... or plenty, like this time. I got 3 balls of 7 Veljestä (150g each), 3 balls of TicoTico (100g each, a sock yarn) and 200g of Jussi sock yarn by Jämsän Huopatehdas - a traditional, low-price Finnish sock yarn in gray! My stash is now overflowing once again! I'll better get knitting now won't I?

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Hihii, hauska, jos paketti oli mieluinen. Haluatko arvuutella vielä henkilöllisyyttäni, vai paljastanko Ravelryssa? Vihjeenä voin kertoa, että olet saanut minulta paketin aiemminkin. ;-)