Lollipop Yarns

Now take a look at these goodies!


I have to tell you about this really nice new yarn shop I ordered the Lollipop and Zauberball yarns from. It's called Mylys and it operates from Hamburg, Germany. The online shop is pretty and easy to use, the yarn is gorgeous plus the service was really helpful and quick (I had a little problem on placing my order, but the owner Naima solved the problem in a minute and actually asked for more feedback so her programmer could see if the shop is working properly!). Plus the yarn arrived in a day or so - shipping cost free (for orders over 40 euro from Germany)


So that much of the new lovely shop where I will certainly be buying again - now the yarns!


The first ones are from Lollipop yarns, an indie dyer and artesan from Hamburg. The yarn is 100% Bluefaced leicester, the colourways are Karibik and Blue jeans - you can guess which is which!


Why I actually placed this order was to buy some Zauberballs for shawl knitting. So I did. I got two sock yarn Zauberballs in Charizma and Brombeere, plus the lace Zauberball in Cranberries. What gorgeous colours!


Now, that's not all I bought! My husband's been asking for a pullover for a good while now, so I finally got the yarn and started knitting. I bought a good patch Eve of Lang yarns in black, orange and turqoise - the colours he asked for! I got a great deal on ebay so I won't go bankrupt while knitting for my very tall (but slim) man.


As you can see, I've started the pullover already (and it's actually somewhat farther than shown here already). I'm using a generic top-down raglan instructions, where you decide the stitch count based on your swatch. If this works out, I'll write the pattern for this yarn.

Lang Eve
Nick's pullover
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