The first six squares for Africa

First squares

Although I haven't been blogging much, I've been a busy bee - I signed up to a gym to try it out for this month, so I have been going there pretty much daily. I also have finished my first six squares for the Knit a Squillion action, for which I committed to knit 25 squares this year.


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Knit a squillion squares for Africa: Join the challenge!

Yarns for charity squares

I was reading Minimalist Knitter's (aka Robyn's) site as I often do and came across her newest charity endeavour: participating in Knit a Squillion action by Knit a Square.


Their ambitious plan is to to send 1,2 million squares to South Africa by July 10, 2012.


I mean: wow. 1,2 million squares will make blankets for 36.000 children in need. I thought: I want to participate in this!


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Bamboo, soy & recycled t-shirts - yarn haul from Finland

All the yarns

I'm trying to knit down my stash, but sometimes new yarn is just absolutely necessary. Like this month, when I went to Lankamaailma with my Mum and my sister - the first visit there for all three of us.


Needless to say, we stayed for more than an hour and looked (and fondled) everything over and over again! My Mum and sister also got nice yarns, but this is my haul, let me give you the grand tour!


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