Today I visited the gallery Clowns & Pferde in Essen, as I often do. My husband wanted to see the exhibition so I went with him - and was very pleasently surprised! I usually like Clowns & Pferde anyways, but this exhibition is something very different from what I have seen there before.


The young (well, my age...) artist Deyan Yanev from Bulgaria has created several technically very well painted and even more importantly thought-provoking paintings and is showing them in Clowns & Pferde this month. Just look at the photos! I mean, the double piece with "Human" and "God", how very interesting and intriguing. What is the black cloud in the "God" picture? All the pictures were pieces where I could just stand and look at for a while, thinking. Some of the pieces were very critical of society, politics and religion, which I very much like in art.


I do not believe art today can just be "pretty" or "expressing oneself" to be really meaningful, so I was really impressed by these works which are well done as well as have a meaning which makes the viewer think and feel.


If you are in the Essen area go and visit the exhibition - it's open until the 5th of March!

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