Here some more impressions from Creativa, the gorgeous craft fair in Dortmund, which I visited last Wednesday.


First the coolest ones. A lovely picture, no? But look at pic two: it's made with cross stitching! This was part of a Latvian stitch art exhibition, and I must say I was really impressed!


There were many interesting pieces from Latvia, but I just photographed this one, because I found it so fascinating.


The third and the fourth picture are similar: you first see some nice pictures, and then you come closer - and you notice they are knit!


How marvellous is that!


Now, click "Read more" to see some mathematical quilting!

Would you believe these are quilted - I mean just fabric and thread? Amazing! If you don't believe me just look at the detail of the last picture - it's a detail of the second last picture. Just wow!


If I still live in this area next year, I will certainly go to the Creativa fair again.









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