Year 2017 in pictures


2017 was a good year. I'm so blessed having had several good years in a row - plus I do think a bit of an attitude change has helped also. A lot has happened, it's been our (me & hubbys) first full year in Finland, the year we started our business and a year of many ups and downs. I made you a little collage to enjoy, so please do! Click the pics to see the captions.


Happy new year 2018 to all my readers!

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I am now an entrepreneur

Duck picture from

Well hello, let me introduce myself! I am Lumia, and I am the entrepreneur and head of the board at my new company Chase & Snow Oy! We (me and husband, the webguru and AD) make functional websites that look good and advertising materials that work for small-to-medium businesses and NGOs. All in all, we're really good at what we do and really excited about the work too!


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October impressions

Pumpkins in sunrise
Sad Uppo-Nalle
Tea in a moomin mug

It's October folks! Here are some impressions of the first Sunday in October.


I made a fire in our big fireplace to keep the house warm.


The pumpkins are enjoying the sun inside as it is now too cold for them outside and we harvested them all.


I got this adorably sad Uppo-Nalle from a flea market iin September because it moved me so much I had tears in my eyes. He since lives on our couch.


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Summer of 2012 in Finland

Sunset in Finland
Hubby flying his quadcopter
Vuoksi rapids

I went back to Finland, my native country and forever home for a week and got back a few days ago. I actually knit 6 rounds of a cowl while there, but also went swimming once, visited Imatra and the Vuoksi rapids (it was a 500 km drive there and it was a HOT day!), spent lots of time with family and generally just had a great, great time.


Didn't buy any yarn either! Success!


Here are a few impressions from this year:


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New yarns from Finland

Novita yarns - Flip Flop
Novita yarns - Puro Batik

There's one annoying thing about Novita, the largest Finnish yarn brand: they change their selection very often! I read about the lovely new yarns on Ravelry or get a few balls from my sister to try them out. I plan to buy (more) of this yarn the next time I visit Finland. By the time I get to visit Finland, they've discontinued the yarn! The bad thing is that I then can't get the yarns or colourways I want. But the good thing is that if I do find the yarns, they'll be in the marked down bin!


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Vacation for the soul - impressions from Finland

Finland 07/10 by Nick Jais

Like promised yesterday, here are a few impressions from my trip to Finland, my native country. All these pictures are from my home town and were taken by my darling husband Nick. I like living in the city, but there's nothing that can beat the peace of the (Finnish) countryside. It's a true vacation for the soul.





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