Hi there, glad you are still there! Sorry for the hiatus, but a lot has been going on in my life and only now I am feeling like it's time to blog about it, that I have everything so far organized that I can write about it!


So what has happened? After over 10 years abroad, I have returned to Finland, to the house I grew up in of all places. After years and years of city life I am back in deep nature, living in an old house, a big garden and a little forest around me. And yes, my German husband did come with me, and we are now living together on these wonderful premises!


I left my job in IT to pursue homesteading and blogging, and later on joining my hubby's company as an marketing advisor. I have never really been without an employment since I've been an adult, so it's quite a change. But I have to say, I love it. This summer we are concentrating on getting the garden going so that it covers lots of our food needs, plus we are foraging the wonderful Finnish berries! Also the house needs some renovations, etc etc. There is lots to do until winter comes!


To document and share all that with you and everyone interested we've created a new site called Beyond Buckthorns, beyondbukcthorns.com. I'd be delighted if you visited that site too and checked out what we do on our homestead. It's all about gardening, food, alternative energy and such. This blog here will stay my culture and crafts blog and I will be more active again, I promise!


So that's the big unveil of my big life changes! Thanks for your patience!

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