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Well hello, let me introduce myself! I am Lumia, and I am the entrepreneur and head of the board at my new company Chase & Snow Oy! We (me and husband, the webguru and AD) make functional websites that look good and advertising materials that work for small-to-medium businesses and NGOs. All in all, we're really good at what we do and really excited about the work too!


Ok ok, I realise we're not in Shark Tank and I am actually in no way interested in selling any part of the business either! I am just so eager to share with you my last endeavour since I left my employment in Germany and moved to countryside Finland . Since then we first just took some time to settle in, and then started to tend to our permaculture garden (still in making) more, but over the winter we've had time to concentrate on getting this business side of our Finnish life in order and I am so excited now that our company is founded and present online at! Please feel free to take a look and send me any feedback you may have (or order a website or design job from us, we are available globally, wink wink..!) No but seriously, really do send any comments, we'd love to hear from real people, because of course we love our site, but does everyone else, too? I'd love to find out!

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