This summer's charity scarves

Stripey Scarf

I am still working on scarves for charity, using up my supply of single balls of wool (blends) and half balls left from other projects. I haven't made much progress this summer, but here are three. That's better than none, no?


The first one is made with local German sheep's wool (orange), Finnish wool (grey) and industrial made green vintage German yarn called Tiffany, which I used in a scarf I made in May, too.


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The Neglected Aran Beret

Aran beret

Sometimes knits just don't get blogged, you know what I mean? I finish a FO, take pictures, crop them to the correct size... and never blog about the FO.


I don't mean to do it, but I do. So that means you get to see FOs finished several months ago, too. My apologies. But perhaps as these knits are new to you, you won't mind too much? Especially in this case, because the FO is just so gorgeous!


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