Moss stitch Pencil Case for Sudanworsted knitt

For the KAL/CAL "Pencil Cases for Sudan" which the Ravelry Darfur Group is moderating I finally got my pencil case pattern done as well.


It's great to be able to participate alongside with other generous and talented designers like Wendy or Kieran - see the links to their patterns on the right side navigation bar!


You can get the .pdf version of my pattern here, plus it can be seen here (press "Read more") as a blog entry (and the pattern is even attached here - you should find it!) I wish you all happy knitting and please let me know if you see any mistakes or unclarities in the pattern!


And: don't forget to submit your finished ones to the Flickr group!


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Mitts, lots of mitts - part 2

So, the promised last mitts:


The black and red mitts (with the same design as the grey Marengo mitts from last post) are made from Nick's recycled scarf. It was one of my first projects and I gave it to Nick christmas 2006 - it was way too short and narrow, so he gave it to me to redo. I remade it into these. It's Debbie Bliss Merino Aran (maybe?)


Second pair, funky and colorful! I liked these. Basic cables, for narrow hands.


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Mitts, lots of mitts - part 1

There's a verb in German "übertreiben" meaning to exaggerate, in a way. Say, if someone is getting their 4th cup of coffee, one might say "Übertreibs nicht"; "don't overdo it". I think I've been "übertreiben" first with my socks, and now with the mitts. Not in a bad sense, but I think for a while I'll stop this mass production of similar items for a while. These mitts were for the local animal shelter's open door day market to be sold for the shelter's benefit. Therefore all my own designs / generic patterns. They sold out quick!


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New socks

Some new socks for Sukkasato


First the bigger ones, from the rest of Lana Grossa yarn I used for the Hederas (which are also done! But not to be shown here as they are a christmas present)


Needles: 2,5mms. 40 stitches around, 4x1 ribbing.


The second pair is from small scraps I had left - they have 28 stitches around in 2x2 ribbing, made with odd needles from 2,5 mm to 3,5mms!

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Sukkasato - Sock Harvest

I joined another fun sock knit-along Sukkasato (that's Finnish for Sock Harvest) - which runs September and October. It's Finnish, and the sign-ups are closed, so don't feel bad if you missed it. However, I especially like the fact that children's socks count, and that people are encouraged to knit for charity. I have lots of sock yarn rests, which make perfect children's socks.


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I joined Coffee Swap 3

I have joined the Coffee Swap nr 3. It must be something I will really enjoy, as I love coffee and knitting too of course.


The pairs will be assigned on the 17th, so I have good time to plan and prepare in case I get an international partner (mainly US) because to reach the deadline of the 17th of November I will need to send the packet right away.

I already have a few ideas..! 

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