Weekly socks show

Here they are! My ready Rainbow socks. They came out pretty nice, the cuff is quite a lot tighter in the other sock... but I've decided not to mind. 

I also heard that my cousin has just got a new baby, and that of course means I just absolutely must-need-have to knit her bootees, and socks for her 2-year-old big brother.


These bootees are just for practice, as I really didn't master them the first time...


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Sock progress

I finished my ankle socks (again...) and this time they're both knitted in similar gauge. I think they came out quite nice:

There's a photo of the very pretty heel in Summer of Socks Flicr site - I know I started these before the SOS started, but since I'm not counting them in to the most socks knitted (well, I'm not taking part!) I thinks it's ok.

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