I'm so excited, this is my first-ever knitalong/such!


I'll start with finishing the ankle socks.


That has taken longer than expected, as I'm actually at the moment knitting the third sock of these. No, I haven't mutated, but I just noticed after finally learning the reason for my very loose knitting from Lisa  in the WWKIP (continental knitting just is looser!) I have paid special attention to my tension. Which, of course led to the second sock being much tenser than the first. So I frogged the first one and am re-knitting it now. My fear is only, that the first sock (the originally-second) might seem too loose after this one...


Anyhow, I can't wait to cast on the next one with one of these beauties!

Don't have a pattern decided yet, though.


I've promised to be a reader at the Summer of Socks. That's also very exciting! If you're in my 'group' be advised that I'll be on holiday from this Friday to next Tuesday: if you mail me during that time, don't panic if I don't answer right away.


Anyhow, hi to all Summer of Sockers reading this - leave a comment and a pattern suggestion! 

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