There's a verb in German "übertreiben" meaning to exaggerate, in a way. Say, if someone is getting their 4th cup of coffee, one might say "Übertreibs nicht"; "don't overdo it". I think I've been "übertreiben" first with my socks, and now with the mitts. Not in a bad sense, but I think for a while I'll stop this mass production of similar items for a while. These mitts were for the local animal shelter's open door day market to be sold for the shelter's benefit. Therefore all my own designs / generic patterns. They sold out quick!



Olen neulonut ankarasti kämmekkäitä Essenin löytöeläintalolle... nyt saa urakointi riittää joksikin aikaa! On kuitenkin tullut suunniteltua jokusia lievästi omaperäisiä hanskoja, ohjeet kirjoitan ylös tuota pikaa.  Tässä ensimmäiset neljä, loput tulevat myöhemmin (hanskat on jo myyty, mutta kuvat siis)



First, a little pair with Novita Julia, a DK mix blend. This pattern I will write up soon (and publish here).


The second pair is the same pattern, a bit bigger with some gorgeous acrylic/wool yarn called G-B Marengo I found at Karstad, the big department store in Germany.


From the same yarn, basic cabled mitts, quite a small size. The fourth pair also from Marengo, just a different colourway. This is a pattern I will write up, too! This pair is my favourite (and was sold quick!)


The rest - wait and see, I'll post them soon!

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