So here they are, my last entries for Sukkasato-KAL which ends with October.



Tässä ne ovat, viimeiset Sukkasadon tuotokset, ja kuva koko sadosta - 16 paria lapsille hyväntekeväisyyteen, ja yksi pari äidille synttärilahjaksi.

Nyt sitten mukaa Lapaskuuhun!



The first two are for preemies, 28 stitches around, 1x1 ribbing and stockinette, nothing special, but hopefully they will warm someones small toes! They are made with Regia yarn, the yellow-black ones with 3,5mm needles, the red ones with 2mm needles.


The turqoise-grey pairs are Austermann Step with Jojoba, also for preemies. Two pairs have 28 stitches all over, one pair has 32 stitches. They are all with 2mm needles and tiny!


The last children's pair shown here is made with Regia Galaxy held double, and the socks might fit a 2-3 year old (I assume). They were made on 3,5mm needles, and have 32 stitches around if I remember correctly. These I will send to Red cross "Pipoapua Pohjolasta" charity.


Last we have a pair of adult socks, it's the Hedera socks I made for my mum. She received them and likes them a lot, so I can show them here too :)


So, that's it - Sukkasato is over, and I'm quite pleased with myself. 16 pairs of small socks, 9 for preemies and 7 for bigger children, plus one adult pair makes 17 pairs of socks. Way to go! I'm quite pleased with myself.


November is "Lapaskuu" that is "Mitten month" - no more socks, but mitts and fingerless gloves for me!

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