Goodies from the Jouluvaihto swap

Packed goodies

I took part in another swap before Christmas, the Finnish Christmas swap, Jouluvaihto.


My partner received her present and liked it, and I like mine too! I waited for a long time before unpacking them, as I wanted to wait until Christmas (well, almost, as I was away over actual Christmas so I opened them on the 21st).


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Mice, mice, baby!


Remember my 17 mice from last year? Well, I made 8 more this year! They are selling so well that I may have to make a few more soon.


I used one ball of handdyed-with-KoolAid Marks&Kattens Eco Ull for these mice. They were all knit on 6mm needles. I made them all smaller than the original instructions call for, as my gauge is much bigger.


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