Last Friday the spaceship C74 landed after a 41-year-flight through the universe. After 1 year of travel the ship and its crew reached its destination. Coming out of hyper space and hibernation the crew finds itself still in space not knowing where and when they are. The C74 autopilot is approaching a planet. Only basic live support systems are on, as well as the coffee machine, the champagne bucket and the lights!


That was the invitation to the landing of the C74 on a class-M planet and a land mission, which took place on the 6th of November, 2015. What this is, is of course a art exhibition vernissage of the room-in-room installation Das schöne Raumschiff kehrt zurück by the group 128byte, where my husband Dominik is the creative mastermind (or at least one of the masterminds) and the sole exhibitor in the room that presented the spaceship - see the first picture for some of his extraordinary serigraphic works.


Of course I was there on Friday. The vernissage attracted so many art-loving visitors that a queue formed outside the gallery. At 7:30 pm the evening really began. After a short speech and a short introduction by Bianca, the gallery (Clowns und Pferde) owner  Dominik opened the air lock and entered the class M planet with the first six visitors. Once the visitors arrived on the planet, they had 10 minutes of time to solve various riddles and to enjoy the extraordinary atmosphere and the art. The outcome of the mission was dependant from the respective crew and whether or not they were able to solve the riddles in time. My crew was able to solve the riddles and save the planet, I must add!


The group 128byte consist of:
Lara Peters, Klaus Warzecha, Florian Patzke, Michael Knak, Siggi Dünkel, Bianca Wickinghoff, André Schiegler and of course, the ever-brilliant Dominik Jais (and I am not saying this only because I am married to him!)


For everyone in Essen or Germany or the closeby European area, the exhibition runs through to the 28th of November 2015.


Whoever misses the chance to see it, should remember Holger Krüssmanns words. „only the ones who were there know what was there“.


For my readers farther away, I hope the pictures give a small glimpse of "what was there". If you like what you see, please share the pics with the hashtag #c74landing!

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