Three pretty pictures

10 dollar swap
KISS swap
Essen skyline

Today I want to share with you three beautiful things: two swap presents and a skyline.


The first package is from Ger in Ireland, and it's from the 10 $ Seed swap. I got a fun-looking book, some gorgeously red yarn and a pattern for it, lots of tasties and tea, a ToDo list block, which went right on my fridge door, a hand warmer, a little notebook, natural hair care, an interesting magazine which I read and already learned many things, and of course - some seeds, these were for cress. Perfect for my windowsill "garden"! What a present, don't you think!


The second present I got today from the US from Angi and it's from the KISS Choice swap, where you needed to send your partner either a finished handmade item or a kit. We both sent kits.


Angi sent me a pattern to Chinook Scarf and gorgeous Dragonfly yarn to go with it! Her daughter made me stitch markers (her first ones and they're great!), too! I also got another pretty, sparkly yarn with a lovely feel, as well as a crocheted basket which I think I will use to replace my current plastic basket on my desk. Also received some sweets from Virginia, a knitting magazine full of great patterns, great lip balms and a hand sanitizer, and to top it all a little owl note pad and a tiny primrose garden! How cute! I really was spoiled by Angi.


And the third pretty thing? Skyline of Essen last Saturday. The world really is a beautiful place, don't you think?

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