At last, an FO! I actually finished a shawl, with lace and all, will you believe it? Well, I did! And I am very very proud, even though the shawl is less than perfect.


First the specs:
Pattern: Morgain by Stefanie Bold
Yarn: BFL by lollipop.yarns in colourway Karibik, 100 grams
Needles: 4mm long circular


I started this project a while ago, I really don't know when, but it's been months! I was gifted this pattern years ago, and for the longest time I planned this project, so I really am very happy I did it. Unfortunately I hat much too little yarn, and my Morgain was really small, something to be used as a scarf instead of a full-blown shawl. I would have liked it to be somewhat bigger - you can see in the pics it's tiny. I finished 1,5 of the six lace charts, that says it all I think.


But a pretty, warm scarf-shawl is better than no shawl at all! I was happy to use this gorgeous yarn finally, I think I have had it in my stash for 5 years or more.


After this FO, I have some socks and a hat on the needles, so propably one of those will be the next FO to be shown here on this blog - stay tuned!

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