Sorry for the silence for the past two weeks! Maybe you'll forgive me when I tell you that I've been on my honeymoon in Japan, and frankly blogging has been the last thing on my mind!


Me and my husband had a truly wonderful trip! Here are a few impressions of the many, many things we saw and marveled at. I hope you'll give me a few days to get back on the knit blogging rhythm - I just got back yesterday and am still very much jet lagged!


The photos show:
1. Tokyo skyline
2. Shinkyo Bridge in Nikko
3. A view from the Hakone Ropecar
4. Sumo in Osaka
5. A view in Osaka City
6. Little statues from the Okunoin cemetary on mount Koya
7. Some of the beautiful cherry blossoms we saw during our trip.

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