Ok, I've cast on 26 things in June, all because I'm participating in the Finnish KAL I mentioned a few weeks ago, where you - starting from the 1st oh June - cast on something new every day until Midsummer, and you finish everything my the end of July. It's a challenge, but so much fun! Here's what I have ready (or almost done) by now (& since the last posting)


From up left clockwards: a shawl from the top of my head (it's the better version of my Tierheim bamboo shawl) with self-dyed yarn; the Twilight Gloaming (Rav link) shawl made with a Zauberball (I'll post more on these shawls later); seven mice that just need to be felted, filled and sewn close to finish these cat toys from Kitty Knits.


And moving on: two little hair decorations aka small flowers one sewn onto a pin, the other to a hairband; a pot holder that still needs to be felted; a dishrag / cleaning cloth and a Calorimetry from self-dyed wool.


That's 14 things. I also have the Ripley ready, so that's 15. It seems I still have a few things to finish!

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