Cinema Review: Anomalisa

Anomalisa Lisa puppets

Last Monday we went to a Sneak preview, that is a cinema show where you don't know what you will be seeing, only that it is a film coming into cinemas soon afterwards. The film we saw was called Anomalisa, and it is a stop-motion drama about a self-help author Michael Stone, who travels to Cincinnati to promote his book at a hotel customer service convention. He is emotionally distant to everyone around him, whom he perceives as identical white beings with identical faces and voices - including his wife and son.


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Order knitting shirts and get free delivery!

Knit and purrl hoodie

As you may know I habe two knitting shirt shops:


- for Europe and

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Well, through the 1st of December both shops have a free shipping code 2GIFTS if you order two or more products! It's the perfect chance to get a gift for a knitting friend, and yourself too :) I have t-shirts, longsleeves, hoodies and all kinds of bags and totes for sale.


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