Last Monday we went to a Sneak preview, that is a cinema show where you don't know what you will be seeing, only that it is a film coming into cinemas soon afterwards. The film we saw was called Anomalisa, and it is a stop-motion drama about a self-help author Michael Stone, who travels to Cincinnati to promote his book at a hotel customer service convention. He is emotionally distant to everyone around him, whom he perceives as identical white beings with identical faces and voices - including his wife and son.


To me it's a film about someone, perhaps in a midlife crisis, who fails to see that happiness or sadness comes from within him, not through other people in ones life. People, status and stuff does not make you happy, unless YOU let it make you happy. Michael in this film, well, he is very unhappy and still seeks joy and salvation really outside of himself.


It was an impacting film I think, good for everyone to see (well, not children, it is very graphic), and of course the fact that is really stop-motion and not just computer animation as everything is today, makes it really special. I recommend watching it - it will give you thoughts for many days to come!


See the trailer at

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Anomalisa was a very slow telling movie using 3d-printing technique to create the puppets...
Stop motion is usually used for children movies and not for adults. Kind of premier :)