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Merry Christmas to all my readers! will be having a Christmas break to enjoy family, peace and good food without internet. That means no new blog posts, comments approvals, no tweeting and no Facebook updates. I'll be back before New Year's though!


I thank you all for reading my blog, your comments and support, and wish you a very merry Christmas (or holiday season, if you wish) and a good time with your loved ones!

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Vacation for the soul - impressions from Finland

Finland 07/10 by Nick Jais

Like promised yesterday, here are a few impressions from my trip to Finland, my native country. All these pictures are from my home town and were taken by my darling husband Nick. I like living in the city, but there's nothing that can beat the peace of the (Finnish) countryside. It's a true vacation for the soul.





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I love Finland (but I didn't knit)

This summer seems to be bad for my knitting content - I just can't knit when it's over 30 degrees, not even cotton or bamboo. So it was in Finland, too, where I spent last week (I came back today) on holiday visiting my family with my DH. It was so hot I spent my days swimming and drinking juice in the garden. I'll post a few photos of the Finnish summer soon (courtesy of Nick), plus my new yarn goodies and a recycled sweater bag I finally lined on my Mum's sewing machine! Watch this space.

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What are the others up to?

Photo by Katie@! -

It's too hot to knit! Or at least it has been the last week, now it's getting a bit cooler to the kinds of summer temperatures I can function in - less than 30 degrees celcius.


Therefore I have very little knitting content to show, so I though I'd show the content of others! Here are a few of my favourite blog posts last week - first some with knitting and then some with simple living. Enjoy!


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Greetings from Japan!


Sorry for the silence for the past two weeks! Maybe you'll forgive me when I tell you that I've been on my honeymoon in Japan, and frankly blogging has been the last thing on my mind!


Me and my husband had a truly wonderful trip! Here are a few impressions of the many, many things we saw and marveled at. I hope you'll give me a few days to get back on the knit blogging rhythm - I just got back yesterday and am still very much jet lagged!


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Friday night net crawling

I haven't done a "look-what-I-found-on-the-Interwebz" post for a long long time! Better to catch up later than never, no?


First, I found this great kitchener stitch tutorial on Youtube. It's really clear and straightforward - take a look!


This video shows a rather interesting way to darn a sock. It really looks sturdy! I actually have a sock to repair, so I might try this soon.


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