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Beer and Yarn Fighting in Brussels


Last weekend (a long weekend due to Whit Monday) me and Nick went to Brussels for a little city getaway. It was brilliant! We got there on Saturday, the first WWKIP day this year, and the Brussels Stitch and Bitchers had organized a cool flashmob-type event on Grand Place, the main square in Brussels: a yarn fight!


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I wanted to do a WIP Wednesday but...

Rhubarb pie

...I dont have anything that interesting on the needles at the moment! I am working on a scarf, a basic baby blanket, and I think there's even a shawl in the UFO basket, but I'm just not feeling the "post about these knits NOW" vibe, you know?


So I decided to show you my rhubarb pie instead!


The Finnish speakers among you can read the recepie at, for the rest of you here's a rough translation:


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I'm ill

Just a quick note to say I'm ill and won't be posting in a few days until I get better.


Hope you enjoy your Easter and have a good time knitting!

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A dream come true - Cuba

Havanna Malecon promenade from our hotel window

As you may have guessed, my two weeks of "making a dream come true" was a trip - to Cuba!


I've been hoping to travel there since I was 15, and this year a lady in my knitting group finally talked the sense in me to indeed make this dream come true - it's not that travelling to Cuba is impossible, it's just that I always taught it would be very expensive.


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Birthday party with pizza


I haven't been blogging much this week, as I've been working hard in the office - and preparing for a party!


I had my birthday this week, and yesterday I threw a little party for friends. We had pizza, knitting and games on the Wii. It was so much fun!


I promised not to post pictures from the guests, and I didn't take any pictures on the knitting (somehow I didn't think of that) so here's a few of the pizzas for you instead. They tasted just as good as they look!

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Merry Christmas to all my readers! will be having a Christmas break to enjoy family, peace and good food without internet. That means no new blog posts, comments approvals, no tweeting and no Facebook updates. I'll be back before New Year's though!


I thank you all for reading my blog, your comments and support, and wish you a very merry Christmas (or holiday season, if you wish) and a good time with your loved ones!

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