Friday night net crawling

I haven't done a "look-what-I-found-on-the-Interwebz" post for a long long time! Better to catch up later than never, no?


First, I found this great kitchener stitch tutorial on Youtube. It's really clear and straightforward - take a look!


This video shows a rather interesting way to darn a sock. It really looks sturdy! I actually have a sock to repair, so I might try this soon.


This stitch mark tutorial is reall popular at the moment! I make mine quite differently, though.


Now I also like to hear some music on a Friday night - I just somehow like this song Video Phone. I'm no big fan of Beyonce, but I do like Lady Gaga a lot. She's amazing live and acoustic! I mean, she's really fantastic! Now you can say whatever you like about her style, but she sure can sing.


Now this is one type of music I like. The other one I mentioned in the sad sweater post - Static X. This is industrial metal live, so you might not want to listen to it at work! Here's another one (loud, so NS to be listened at W, I guess)


So I didn't include any blogs this time, I must take a look at some next time! This was fun, I hope the next Friday net crawl won't be 2 years away :)

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