What are the others up to?

Photo by Katie@! - http://www.flickr.com/photos/cliche/

It's too hot to knit! Or at least it has been the last week, now it's getting a bit cooler to the kinds of summer temperatures I can function in - less than 30 degrees celcius.


Therefore I have very little knitting content to show, so I though I'd show the content of others! Here are a few of my favourite blog posts last week - first some with knitting and then some with simple living. Enjoy!


First the funniest thing - knitting makes Twilight better (side note: I can't wait to see Eclipse!)


Eskimimi and Kala are both working on socks, and Nicola finished the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret, a lovely pattern which I have also knit.


Congrats to Gina for going cable-TV free! Which brings me to the simple living blogs I regularly read. In case you're also interested in that theme, take a look at these postings:


How to simplify when you love your stuff at ZenHabits is a guest post but nevertheless a great article on mindful buying. The Mini Manifesto at smaller living is a great read - if you have a few minutes, don't miss it!


I hope you like these blog posts as much as I did!

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