Summer of 2012 in Finland

Sunset in Finland
Hubby flying his quadcopter
Vuoksi rapids

I went back to Finland, my native country and forever home for a week and got back a few days ago. I actually knit 6 rounds of a cowl while there, but also went swimming once, visited Imatra and the Vuoksi rapids (it was a 500 km drive there and it was a HOT day!), spent lots of time with family and generally just had a great, great time.


Didn't buy any yarn either! Success!


Here are a few impressions from this year:


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Merry May!

The Germans have this tradition of "dancing into May" - I'm not sure where it comes grom, but it does involve dancing throughout the night of the 30th of April.


I'm not sure if I'll be participating in the dances but I will be travelling during the change of months! I've packed my books, my knitting and my bikini. The summer can come!


See you next week!

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H+H Cologne - My first time at a craft industrial fair

Icord dress by Wendys
Lang yarns yak dress

Last night I got a call from a friend of mine, a knitting instructor and a friend of a yarn shop owner, who happened to have free tickets to the H+H Cologne, a huge, international trade fair, ans asked me if I would like to come along tomorrow (that is, today, Saturday). I was thrilled and of course agreed.


So this morning we took the train to the Cologne fair and entered the fair with little expectations.


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I went to Frechen and all I got was yarn, friends and compliments

Filigran, Punta, Zauberball and Mexico

The Third German Ravelry Meet is currently underway - I was able to go yesterday with four other ladies from our knitting group in Essen. As Frechen is only an hours drive from here, it wasn't too big an effort.


We arrived too early and drank a coffee in a cafe nearby, then headed to the Meet. It was already crowded, especially around the yarn stands, so I quickly ran through the area to get an overview, and then sat down with a friend to knit.


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A dream come true - Cuba

Havanna Malecon promenade from our hotel window

As you may have guessed, my two weeks of "making a dream come true" was a trip - to Cuba!


I've been hoping to travel there since I was 15, and this year a lady in my knitting group finally talked the sense in me to indeed make this dream come true - it's not that travelling to Cuba is impossible, it's just that I always taught it would be very expensive.


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Vacation for the soul - impressions from Finland

Finland 07/10 by Nick Jais

Like promised yesterday, here are a few impressions from my trip to Finland, my native country. All these pictures are from my home town and were taken by my darling husband Nick. I like living in the city, but there's nothing that can beat the peace of the (Finnish) countryside. It's a true vacation for the soul.





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