Sunny Day on a Historic Train


A while back I went on a historic train here in Essen, it's called Hespertalbahn (Hesper valley train) and it's run by a little association that likes old trains and uses the old tracks in the Hesper valley alongside the Baldeney lake! Some weekends in the year they drive these old diesel or steam locomotives with old wagons a short route from Kupferdreh to the Scheppen old cement factory.


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Signs of life


Hi my dear readers (if there are any of you left?) - it's me, your absent Worsted Knitt.


As you may know, my knitting passion burned down somewhat a year or two ago, and it hasn't really been rekindled to the extent it used to be. I am still hoping it will, but I'm not forcing it. I am enjoying sewing, theatre, gardening and other hobbies, and working on some knits whenever I feel like it. I promise, the next post will be about finished knits!


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Finland Summer of 2014


This summer was also spent (well, a few weeks of it... let's face it, the best weeks) in Finland, my home country. The weather was kind, and the people were great. Here are some pics for you to look at:


We picked cherries (actually, we cut the tree too!)


The yard was summery


We replanted some trees, here's my birch tree!


How was your summer? Please leave a comment!

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New York

Downtown Manhattan from the Empire State Buidling

This March I made my first-ever trip to the USA. more specifically New York. 10 days there were well spent with friends, walking the city (we only missed Queens and Long Island), looking at the beaufiful Hudson river as well as the views from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. Here are some impressions for you, too!

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2012 knitting review - it's not so little after all!

Yarn from Finland

Happy New Year 2013! How has the new year started for you?


I have in fact finished a pair of socks (post is coming) and started a new shawl, so I am hoping the knitting mojo is finally getting back, even a bit. But as I was looking through my posts from 2012, I noticed that I have indeed been knitting this year and finished a few pretty things!


Lots has happened in 2012 with the blog and in my life:

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I went to the first ever Bochum Handmade fair


Yesterday I met a friend of mine in Bochum to check out the Handmade fair / exhibition which was not held for the first time in Bochum, a neighboring city to my current home town. These Handmade fairs seem to be some kind of francise, at least they take place in several German cities yearly.


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