Keep it Simple Stash Swap - I've been spoiled!

KISS present

After my last successful swap I decided to join a few other swaps too, as it is so much fun making and receiving presents!


The Keeping it simple swap is group with different kinds of swaps going on, and this time it was supposed to be all from your stash. Love the idea!


This swap present is from Alison whose Ravelry nick I don't know (yet), all the way from Scotland!


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November WIPs

Charity Socks

Another WIP post! I love them, but do them way too seldom. Let's see what I have on the needles...


First, there's a suprise project for a swap I am taking part in! No photo or info about that!


Second there is a pair of socks, which I hope will soon become a FO, as they're supposed to be sold for charity (my local animal shelter) on the 12th November! This is only the first sock! It'll be ca. ladies size 37 or so: it's 60 stitches across on 2,5 mm needles. The yarn is German sock yarn donated to the animal shelter by some kind person.


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It's been a busy two weeks

Oh my, I just realized I haven't posted in over a week! I do have good explanations for that though: first of all, I've been a bit ill with a cold. I still have a runny nose but I'm sure that'll pass soon.


Second of all, several of my colleagues have been away on vacation and I've had to fill up for them. I've been working like a madman! So in the evening the last thing I wanted to do was to turn on the computer again, not even for blogging!


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