101 in 1001 vol 3

Go to nature weekly

I started my third 101 in 1001 challenge and realized I didn't share it at all. The previous ones I have shared 99% completely (see them here: first, second), but this new one is really personal, so I'll just share a few samples. The last one went really bad, but I feel this time around I have some really interesting goals on the list and am really looking forward to achieving them all!


So, let's see some examples of my goals.


101 in 1001 vol 3


Start: 30.09.2014

Finish: 27.06.2017


Visit Croatia

Visit Ireland & go to Blanchardstown Stitch'n'Bitch

Visit Madeira

Visit USA

Go on a cruise

Take a bus trip to somewhere

Make a night train trip

Bathe in an ocean

Do a bike tour


Own 20 books only

Own 50 skeins of yarn only

Own 50 pieces of clothing only (exc. underwear, socks)

Own a completely vegan, cruelty free beauty collection (makeup, perfume, hair, skincare...)


Learn something totally fun and random


Make soap

Make candles

Sew a summer dress

Sew 5 upcycled items

Knit a cardigan or sweater


Ride my bike to work even once

Go to nature weekly

Make a vegetable based dinner once a week


Go watch ballet

Go ice-skating

Go skiiing


Learn speed reading

Refresh my French

Visit 10 exhibitions

Finish my ”death list”

See 5 movies from before I was born

Go to a sports event

Start learning a new language


Plant a peach tree

Live with a cat


What do you think of my goals?

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