So, we've got some more space for the site, and I can upload photos again!


The first thing I'll show you is the packet I sent and received for the Ravelry Studio Ghibli swap, or Totoro swap for me, as Totoro is my favourite Ghibli character and I obviously planned my packet around him.


I also received a Totoro related packet - it's pictured in the first photo. There was a gorgeous hand-spun, hand-dyed, hand knit Totoro bag, a mascot Totoro and soot sprite (which is also a magnet!), a Totoro out of paper, a little sewn project bag, some beautiful hand-made cards and some miso soup. In addition there was a little sewn Totoro with lavender, rosmarin, peppermint and clove inside it - I had already brought it to my wardrobe when taking the photo! The packet was sent my a fellow German Raveler Xscars.


You can see my packet back to her below. I had also made a little bag, and accompanied it with some chocolate, Noro Kureyon yarn, self-made Totoro notebook and some stitch markers. It wsn't as impressive as the packet I got, but apparently Xscars liked it.


The Totoro pouch was modified from the Totoro mittens. The hardest part was to fair isle when purling! But I think I did ok. I also lined the bag, something I've never done before. It's not perfect, but I think it's ok as well. I made the pouch with Novita Julia yarn and 4mm needles. Let me know if you need my modification notes mitten -> pouch, I cn post them too.

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