Knit a Squillion Total Tally (for now)

Knit a Squillion squares
Knit a Squillion square

In August, I took on the challenge to make 25 squares for Knit a Square by the end of 2011.


Today I proudly present my (most likely the) last squares for 2011 which bring my tally up to 42 squares! I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself. I've sent the first patch of squares to South Africa already and my second package is ready for sending, too.


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More Ruffles!

Ruffle yarn
Worsted Knitt

This ruffle yarn seems to be very "in" currently. I picked up some this summer from Finland. In fact, the brand I bought is a German yarn, which is pretty funny: travelling to Finland, buying German yarn and bringing it back to Germany :) But at that time, I had not seen that yarn here. Now it's everywhere!


So I made a scarf, too. I cast on 8 stitches, and knit until I had two balls used up. The result: a very ruffly, ca 180 cm long scarf.


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Knitted bath mats rock!

Recycled bath mats

Let's say your sister gives your mum some extra-wide sheets to somehow reuse. And you happen to be around before your mum starts anything with the sheets. I don't know about you, but that sounds like bath mat making time for me! Especially as I had hoped to make one on my holiday, anyhow, and therefore had my 15 mm circular with me.


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The Neglected Aran Beret

Aran beret

Sometimes knits just don't get blogged, you know what I mean? I finish a FO, take pictures, crop them to the correct size... and never blog about the FO.


I don't mean to do it, but I do. So that means you get to see FOs finished several months ago, too. My apologies. But perhaps as these knits are new to you, you won't mind too much? Especially in this case, because the FO is just so gorgeous!


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Charity scarf pile is growing!


My charity knits are coming along slowly, but coming along anyway!


Here are two scarves I knit some time back - using up stash and looking forward to giving them to someone in need.


The left one is made with local sock yarn from Wollkontor Erlangen, some Finnish wool and an old yarn called Tiffany. It was knit in fisherman's rib with 4 mm needles, and it's about 1,70 long. I think it used about 200 grams of yarn!


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