My charity knits are coming along slowly, but coming along anyway!


Here are two scarves I knit some time back - using up stash and looking forward to giving them to someone in need.


The left one is made with local sock yarn from Wollkontor Erlangen, some Finnish wool and an old yarn called Tiffany. It was knit in fisherman's rib with 4 mm needles, and it's about 1,70 long. I think it used about 200 grams of yarn!


The right one is made in Novita Isoveli yarn, a bulky woolen yarn. It was knit on 5 mm needles and in -surprise surprise - fisherman's rib!


It used up all the Isoveli I had left, about 200 grams, and the scarf is a bit short with 150 cm, but it's so warm I hope it will do.


I've also updated my 2011 charity list with these scarves!

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this is a great idea! each scarf is an individual for an individual human being! an ambitious project that is giving fun just by creation