Two more charity knits to my tally (closing in on 50!). These are very simple preemie blankets, knit with 100% cotton I bought from a friend earlier this year.


What I did was to cast on 90 stitches, knit every row for 10 rows, then knit all right side rows and k10, p70, k10 the wrong side rows until I had nearly a square, then knit 10 rows again. The blankets are about 50 x 50 cm in size, just perfect for preemies and exactly as the charity I am knitting for, Frühchenstricken, needs them.


Both blankets took three balls of yarn, that's 150 grams. I knit them on 4 mm needles even though the yarn called for smaller needles to make the blankets softer. I've noticed that items made with mercerized cotton tend to be rather hard, and a looser gauge helps with that.


These have been sent to the charity with two other blankets (this green one and this yellow blanket and are hopefully already warming little preemies!

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