More Christmas presents: the wine cozy

Now that Christmas is gone, I can show all the gifts I made but hesitated to blog about in the fear the recipient might read about it here! Nick's slippers were the first one, and here's the wine cozy.


It was a gift for my sister's husband, accompanied by a bottle of German organic white wine. He seemed to like it!


The stats:


Pattern: Knitty's Wine Cozy

Needles: 4mm dpns

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Nick's 8-square slippers

A while back I blogged about the failed Christmas present for Nick, which felted so badly I had to throw it away. Well, I knit it, or them, again, and felted them with much caution this time - and they worked out fine this time!


They are the 8-square-slippers (in Finnish) and they are gorgeous! Plus, Nick loves them, he wears them all the time. Success!


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Autumn shawlette for Mum

I'm playing with big stakes here - showing my Mum's Christmas present here. I'll just hope she won't look here before Christmas...


Well anyway here it is. The WIP has finally become an FO, and not without a decent amount of cursing and concidering whether to rip or not to rip - and most often decicing not to rip, because with the lace pattern I would be very likely to make more mistakes when picking the stitches back on the needle after ripping the original mistake.


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Hats and mitts for Christmas

I made these sets as Christmas presents for a 3-year-old and a 7-year-old girls. I hope they like them!


First the turqoise set (Pinja's set from Ullaneule)


For the hat, I CO 104 stitches and made the hat with 3,5mm dpns. The hat is ca 18 cm long - I made the first version too short, had to rip back to knit more rows. The mitts were made 100% according to the instructions.


The yarn is 7-Veljestä Moniraita (I think).


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New socks

Some new socks for Sukkasato


First the bigger ones, from the rest of Lana Grossa yarn I used for the Hederas (which are also done! But not to be shown here as they are a christmas present)


Needles: 2,5mms. 40 stitches around, 4x1 ribbing.


The second pair is from small scraps I had left - they have 28 stitches around in 2x2 ribbing, made with odd needles from 2,5 mm to 3,5mms!

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I am such a good person

I feel like a good person sometimes, especially when I've been working on my charity knitting. Last weekend I finished another pair of preemie socks (that makes 4 pairs altogehter) for the ongoing charity and some mice to be sold for the benefit of the local animal shelter "Tierheim Essen" They now just need to be felted and filled with a jingle bell and some stuffing.


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Little knits finished and on the needles, too

So, for the Sukkasato  knitalong there's finally something finished to show in - the children's lace socks (which I call Pretty socks - you can see what I mean) plus a teeny weeny pair of preemie socks for the German ongoing charity project at I have to say that ball of Regia has been plentiful - three pairs of socks from one ball!


Next, some things I'm working on for Christmas and birthday presents for my family. So if you are family - don't look!




Perheenjäsenet! Älkää katsoko "read more:n" taakse! Pilaatte jouluyllätyksenne! Muut - katsokaa ihmeessä!



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