Reusing a sweater and a pillow case, aka I made a sweater bag

Sweater bag
Sweater bag

It's not often when I do any kind of craft that doesn't include yarn, but the seldom times when it happens, I really like it. This time the final product was successful too!


It's a long time ago when I accidentally felted Nick's sweater, I made a sweater bag out of it - here's the link to the type of sweater bag tutorial I used, I couldn't find the exact one I used.


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More Midsummer Night's Folly KAL Knits

KYH knits

Ok, I've cast on 26 things in June, all because I'm participating in the Finnish KAL I mentioned a few weeks ago, where you - starting from the 1st oh June - cast on something new every day until Midsummer, and you finish everything my the end of July. It's a challenge, but so much fun! Here's what I have ready (or almost done) by now (& since the last posting)


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Sad Sweater's Transformation to Eccentric Sweater is Complete!

Eccentric sweater
Eccentric sweater

The sad sweater you read about a while back is sad no more - it's done and gorgeous!


Now this is a truly modular sweater. Part top-down, part bottom-up, part both: one sleeve is top-down, one bottom-up and still I had to rip and reknit both cuffs as they were too short (like the hem, too). I'm so proud of myself not giving up on this project; I didn't even want to at any point!


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Wooly, lovely FOs

I've had these ready for a good while now, and finally I get to blogging about them!


The first knit is the Puro-tube. The original pattern is from Novita, but I modified it like SatuH did, meaning I didn't double the yarn and cast on 110 stitches. It was knit during a week of illness in bed, with 5mm circular needles. I used a bit less that three balls of Novita Puro (what a lovely yarn!), that is ca. 130 grams.


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17 little mice


Greetings from the Mouse Factory!


Well, not quite, but I have been making lots of mice lately, as I was trying to get as many as possible done for Ompelukerho (a Finnish women's action group I am a member of) stand at the Christmas market. The market is today, and I hope they sell well! They did last year, anyway, and because these mice are smaller than the ones last year, they might even sell better (as last year's mice were more like rats...)


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Hot chilis!


Ok, it's the middle of November, so not really growth season. But tell that to our chili plant, which just grew and grew in size during the summer, and started growing chilis in the autumn! I've harvested one chili already, and five more are still growing! I guess it'll be a spicy hot winter for us (at least the one I already harvested was h-o-t!)

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Small FOs from October

Adult booties
Preemie socks
Plastic bag holder

I've knit some small things last month and I thought I'd show them to you, as they came out nicely, I think!


First we have the Grown-up bootees. The pattern is by Ysolda Teague, and it's a part of the Whimsical Little Knits 1 collection. I've knit them with vintage superwash wool held double on 5mm needles. This pair fits me, so the size is ca. European 39. They took approximately 100 grams of yarn. I'll be making more as Christmas presents!


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Green blanket bag

I'm still working on the Finland pictures, but currently I've just been so busy! The bureaucracy and the thank you cards after the wedding, my acting hobby at the local theatre (premiere next month!) as well as work just seem to take up all my time at the moment. So I'll just need to show you something that's been finished for some weeks already... sorry! But I'm sure you'll like this one too.


Here are the actual specs:


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